North West Consulting


NWC offers a comprehensive package of affordable, professional services to foreign investors who wish to buy property, relocate, do business in Russia

Consulting & Business Services in Russia and CIS

Experience and Integrity: 

We've been helping clients to invest in the Central Europe and Russia successfully since 1998.

What we do:

why you need us

how we are different:


• Complete Incorporation

• Marketing, Management

• Real Estate Service

• Property Refurbishing

• Property management & rentals

• Renting office and living space

• Transportation, IT and banking

• Family relocation and schooling

• Health and property insurance

• Obtaining visas and licenses

• All tax and legal services

• And much more...

The Russian Federation is a Great and exciting place to invest.

• We'll save you time and money 
• One on one service
• Investment fraud protection
• Reliable service and accurate information can be hard to find

Our Team will save you time, money, hassle and hearbreak, it's true. 

We'll also work hard to make sure that your investment is safe and secure for the long-term. How? 
By insuring that all of your projects are completed according to all legal and tax regulations, and all local business regulations 

• Trust: Our partners are all 100% professionally licensed and locally certified under the law.

•Individual Attention: Work one-on-one, Accounts Manager, NWC has staff and agents who speak English, Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian, German.

• Simplicity: We offer complete service for everyone at a competitive price: corporate firms, small business, families and the individual investor. Everything you need can be done right here, at North West Consulting.




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